Claudia Alende is a Brazilian model, recording artist, influencer, and business woman. She’s been featured in such outlets as Cosmopolitan and Esquire. And in 2017 Forbes named her one of the 15 Top Instagram influencers that you should follow.

Alende was born in Francisco Beltrão, Brazil. Considered a tomboy by many, her interests as a young girl were more along the lines of playing video games and the dream of being a doctor someday. Yet her family and friends could see the artistic potential in her even then, and eventually she began singing opera at local, hometown gigs.

When she was 20 year old, she moved to Sao Paulo where she participated in a Brazilian beauty contest. She finished as vice champion and garnered immediate international media attention. The media also noticed her uncanny resemblance to American actress and model Megan Fox and began writing about it. Outlets like Cosmopolitan, Esquire, FHM, Daily Mail and TMZ picked it up and the news went viral. The Brazilian model’s celebrity skyrocketed, as did her social media numbers.

Alende embraced the newfound fame and took on the hat of businesswoman. By November 2017 her Instagram had reached over 10 million followers and she’d truly come into her own as an influencer. As Forbes put it, “As both a model and businesswomen this Brazilian influencer offers a combination of health and beauty content, business advice, motivational content, and lifestyle images. Known for both her beauty and business success, Claudia puts forward the image of the modern woman who can succeed in all aspects of life.”

In January, 2017, Alende judged the Model Scout ID event in Barranquilla, Colombia. Later that year she starred in a short film entitled “Lock All Doors.” And in December of the same year she released her debut single "I'm Good at Being Bad,” along with its video.

Alende next founded Blanc Media, a marketing company that works with international talent currently exceeding a 50 million network on Instagram. And in Aug, 2018, Claudia will release her single “Spotlight.”