The Daily Dot: Meet the Top Instagram Models Ruling Your Feed

Claudia Alende, The Daily Dot

These days, logging on to Instagram is like signing up to envy someone’s trip to the Maldives, gawk at that mouth-watering pizza shop in Italy that you’ll never visit, or cry over French bulldogs you’ll never meet. At least, this much is true if you’re following the top Instagram models and influencers.

Celebrities certainly top the charts as the most-followed people on Instagram—but while famous people rule the runways, big screen, and red carpet events, who rules Instagram? For most social media influencers, Instagram’s curated feed is a necessary tool for racking up followers and translating internet stardom into IRL fame. But so often, women seeking to jumpstart their careers on Instagram are boxed into the “Instagram model only” category—one that values very specific beauty standards, body types, and promotional expectations.

More often than not, however, the Instagram models on your Explore page are running successful business ventures. If you want to fill your Instagram feed with glitz, glamour, travel adventures, and the occasional influencer branded post, these are the rising women of Instagram to follow.

12 top Instagram models to follow

1) Emily Ratajkowski—16.4 million

Emily Ratajkowski, also known by her nickname “Emrata,” has been modeling since she was 14 years old. Ratajkowski rose to fame after starring in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” barely-there music video and posing for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition, and has since become the face of multiple brands and transformed her online-only presence into a successful modeling career.

2) Alexis Ren—11.7 million followers

A self-made model on Instagram, Alexis Ren is known for her sultry photos and minimal style. Follow her if you want a little fun in your feed.

3) Claudia Alende—10.3 million followers

Claudia Alenda may have risen to Instagram fame as a Megan Fox lookalike, but since 2015, she’s made a name all for herself. The Brazilian model and businesswoman was named one of the top influencers to follow by Forbes in 2017... FULL ARTICLE HERE

Claudia Alende, The Daily Dot
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