Repect Magazine: Instagram Powerhouse Claudia Alende- “Spotlight”

Claudia Alende #Spotlight, Respect Magazine

Claudia Alende is a model, singer, and businesswoman from Francisco Beltrão, Paraná, Brazil, who relocated to Sao Paulo when she was 20 years old. Throughout her youth, she was considered a “tomboy” and had no interest in pursuing a career in modeling. In fact, she was more intrigued by video games. It was her mother’s friends and even strangers who would approach Claudia and encourage her to give modeling a try.

In 2014, Claudia participated in a beauty contest and won the Vice-Champion, garnering her international media attention. The media also noticed her striking resemblance to actress Megan Fox and the news went viral. By 2015 she’d already eclipsed 2.8 million followers on Instagram and secured a number of high-profile brand endorsements.

Last year Claudia was named one of the top 15 Instagram Influencers you should follow by Forbes Magazine, who said: “As both a model and businesswomen this Brazilian influencer offers a combination of health and beauty content, business advice, motivational content, and lifestyle images. Known for both her beauty and business success, Claudia puts forward the image of the modern woman who can succeed in all aspects of life.”

By November 2017, Claudia had surpassed 10 million followers on her Instagram account. And she closed out the year by releasing her debut single “I’m Good at Being Bad.”

I recently had the opportunity to speak to the talented and intelligent Claudia Alende about her upcoming single “Spotlight” and what’s next for her moving forward... READ FULL ARTICLE

Rick Krusky